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I provide a genuine, caring atmosphere for people to be heard. I am compassionate, encouraging, and directive when needed.

My practice is truly individualized. I teach people effectively how to identify what triggers their emotions. I support people with tools & skills I have gained through my professional experience (25 years).

I am trained in DBT, tenets of CBT, mindfulness, and grief therapy. Often, I will incorporate mindful eating in my practice.

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I specialize in treating individuals with anxiety. The feeling of anxiety or stress is caused by the fear of something out of their control. I provide skills and tools to teach a person to effectively learn to ground himself or herself. Together, we practice these tools and skills to learn to accept or regulate anxiety triggered by a stressful situation.


I specialize in treating individuals with depression. The feeling of depression is caused by someone or something that has triggered emotions of anger, sadness, or anxiety. Often the depression people feel is debilitating. I teach individuals to identify their emotions and how to ground themselves by using evidence-based tools and strategies. A person finds how to be happier in his/her life.


I specialize in treating individuals that cope with the behavior of binge-eating. Binge-eating is often triggered by emotional eating. A person will learn to mindfully consume food and develop a positive relationship with food.

Grief & Loss

I specialize in treating clients with grief and loss. My professional experience working in a hospice for many years allows me to support people through the stage of grief. A person will learn the importance of taking small bites of their grief. A person will learn to understand their continued relationship with the deceased person.


Learn to Live in the Moment and Be Happy!

learn to live in the moment and be happy - Sara Poore, LMFT

I relish observing the changes in people when they notice their perception starts to change. I enjoy working with mothers, young adults, and the elderly.

mental health therapy - anxiety, depression, binge-eating, grief and loss

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